The Springboard to Success is a non-profit organization whose mission is to nurture start-up and early stage, independent retailers.  Springboard to Success’s first initiative is a non-profit retail storefront known as the Urban Emporium, which opened in October 2011.  The Urban Emporium is the vehicle where Springboard houses and trains retailer entrepreneurs to become successful business people; it is also the store where each entrepreneur’s merchandise is sold to the public.  The training and oversight that is provided by the DMA staff, consultant, and store Manager educates the retail entrepreneur in topics such as merchandising, buying plans, promotion and marketing, inventory control, cash flow management, expense control, market trends and the management of personnel.  The DMA Board, STS Board and stakeholders assist the retail entrepreneurs through events, advocacy, utilization, and promotion within their business network.  The Urban Emporium is also a model for other communities with underserved retail environments.